What Phone Should You Get

It’s sometimes a hard choice for when your picking out a particular phone. So before buying it’s always good to make a list of what you’re going to use it for and what you’re not going to use it for, so you can make that decision and feel confident about it.


Let’s start with Budget…

When buying a phone, it’s very easy to get distracted by the huge number of different phone choices available. So you always have to keep in mind that you still have to think realistic when buying a new phone and not get to distracted because before you know it you may get blown away by the best latest phone out and end up spending money you can’t afford.


Personal or Work?

In some circumstances you may want different phones for personal and work so it’s good to think what exactly you’re going to use it for. Make a list of the different reasons you’re going to use that particular phone. Having different phones for work and personal is also a much more efficient way of separating your work life and home life. This will also give you a better idea of what calls to expect as well.


Make sure you get the correct gigabytes so then you don’t have to deal with any frustrating situations where you don’t have enough memory space. So if you are going to be using and adding lots of photos, videos, files, make sure you do have plenty of flexibility for storage. It’s still always better to be safe than sorry.

Phone Contracts

When deciding what phone to get you may not think there are any good deals available but sometimes you just have to look around a bit and you could find some great contract deals.


It’s your decision

Ultimately you decide what phone should you get. However, it’s still important to decide what you’re going to use it for and what your price range is. As it will definitely make your decision a much easier one.



Why You Should Hire Designers.lk For Web Development In Sri Lanka

Designers LK is the leading SEO and web developing company in Sri Lanka, it has taken many local and international businesses by storm. In a country where many businesses are quickly taking their battle for profits online, the need for SEO service providers is at an all time high. At Designers LK, we pride ourselves of using the latest tricks and skills in helping Sri Lankan businesses compete online, not just locally but even internationally

Why should you hire our Web design services?

  • Affordable services: all our web design srilanka services are affordable even for small businesses. Besides, we make it a journey with our clients where they can pay in installments, as we work to making their dream of having a top ranked business site a reality
  • Reliable services; You can always rely on our web design services; we have a long list of businesses and clients that we have helped realize their dream. Besides, our team of designers brings together some of the best brains in the IT world including one Kasun Sameera, who is the founder and chief designer at Designers LK.
  • Specialized SEO services: when you hire our web design services, we are able to offer personalized and customized SEO services. Depending on the nature and type of website you want, we can incorporate any features that are unique to your business or needs and it backed by expert seo consultancy from UK.
  • Technical support; you’ll also be pleased to note that we also offer technical assistance and follow-up when we design a site for you. Our customer care team is always on standby 27/7 and you can always talk to us anytime you notice that your site has an issue. Common issues include the site being slow due to heavy traffic; we offer solutions to such scenarios, and also use complex coding systems that can’t be hacked whatsoever.
  • Mobile responsive websites; this is the latest tool being used by the top web designers. We optimize your website to ensure that it offers a great experience to those using mobile phones and other hand held devices. This is a great way to get your site pull in more traffic, considering that many Sri Lankans use these devices to access the internet.


Don’t go for just any web developer, pick a company that has been tried and tested. Contact us today for a free quotation on our web design services.

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Choosing a Modern TV Corner Unit

contemporary-TV-unitsDon’t be mislead by appearances when buying something you may only buy once in a few years, because we maybe inexperienced as to which is the best choice. There maybe be times when we are acquiring furniture, however not being aware what we are precisely looking for. One of the most excellent opportunities with furniture is to make a completely new-fangled impression with the corner of the living room.

Key features of the unit

The lighting, style and design are important when you choose a TV corner unit, rather than a plain area of the home. When choosing a TV Corner Unit the various materials you choose within it must be taken into consideration. Materials may consist of eminent timber or more contemporary materials such as chrome or dyed plastics. TV Corner Units can also have storage compartments, to keep important media such as DVD’s and CD’s. Modern TV Units can also have concealment panels to cover television when not in use, thereby preventing layers of dust on the screen. Most contemporary tv units are manufactured to serve multiple purposes.

Additionally, contemporary TV units can feature up-to-the-minute color styles based on vinyl or plastic-coated. Vinyl and laminates are affordable, yet outstanding ways to add a contemporary feel to your home. However, fine quality timber such as oak and pine can be used to distinguish expressively with existing furniture.

Features such as adjustable racks and feet providing flexibility can be found in contemporary TV units, to shift it across the home.

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SEO Consultancy for Magician London

SEO Consultant London for Magicians are very important nowadays. In London there is a huge demand of magicians and I have seen that many people search for magicians in London so SEO is crucial for magicians. Search Engine Optimisation is an art to get a website at top of SERPS outranking everyone.

SEO Consultancy for Magician London

Looking for the right SEO consultant london maybe a hard task but you can note down these things before hiring someone. The topmost thing while choosing a SEO Expert is looking into his experience in this line. Like when he started doing SEO and how many sites he ranked, his past success.

Doing SEO is not a simple task like you need to use a lot different things such as Social SEO, ON page SEO and Off Page SEO. Maintaining the ranks of  a website is also a important task for the SEO service provider.

PPC is another method for getting inquiries for Magician London but can be a very costly process so Magicians should prefer going with doing Search Engine Optimisation on their site. For the new magicians specially it is very important like you have to establish name among so many already established Magicians.


How to Download Movies for free from your Computer


Are you a movie junkie and are you tired of spending your hard earned money on movies? Well, who said you must spend money to have your daily dose of your favorite movies? Here is how to go about downloading movies for free from your computer;

  • Look for free movie databases. There are quite a bit of free movie databases available online offering a variety of movies to view and download. However, do not let your greed for free movies to take the best of you. Look for the databases that are legal and reputable. An advantage of using these databases to download movies apart from being free, is that most of them offer various download options to choose from. Again, movies on this platform belong to the public and as such, you can legally access, download and watch them for free.

  • Using torrents. The most common way to search for movies online is simply by keying in a movie’s keyword or title. Torrents work by simply combing the internet and bringing up files matching with the keyed in title or keyword.

  • Using film festivals. The online film festivals avail hundreds and hundreds of short films and movies free of charge to stock your library with.  These short films can help a great deal in killing time as you wait for your longer versions of movies to finish downloading.

 To download any movies, your computer must be installed with the right movie download features. Again, some movies will require video conversion applications to work in addition to sufficient internet connection.


A word of caution though, not all available free movie websites will be ideal.  It is important to check out for the websites’ safety in downloading the movie to avoid infecting your computer with viruses and other malwares.


The importance of Computer Consultant Training

computer consultant training

As time goes by, more and more companies are embracing the use of technology in the day to day running of their businesses. This is where IT consultation comes in. Computer consulting is currently one of the most profitable arenas available to pursue. However, before enjoying the benefits of being an IT consultant, here is why it is important to conduct computer consultant training for your business IT personnel;

  • Keep at par with technological advances; IT consulting can be quite challenging especially considering the dynamic nature of the field. For that reason, regular training on technology and software advancement is required for the consultant to remain relevant and useful. The training is essential for familiarization of IT systems. Computer consultant training can be done in several ways for different certifications. For this reason, it is important that as a company you decide the type of certification necessary to satisfy your company’s IT needs.
  • Another reason why you should consider computer IT consultant training for your IT personnel is to remain competitive on the market. Good training will help cut a niche in the market and take advantage of IT to help you compete effectively. Well trained IT personnel are sure to help the company network as well as remain relevant in satisfying client’s needs.
  • Having your own IT personnel will ensure prompt handling of any IT related problems that your company may encounter. This prevents a case whereby other business operations are halted as the company awaits outsourcing.
  • Computer consultant training does not necessary have to be expensive. In fact, there are numerous reputable institutions offering computer consultant training that you can benefit from. Most of the online courses offered nowadays tend to be cheaper. Again, you can consider accomplishing this through internship.